Universidad de los Andes Departamento de Diseño


The Facets of Design Thinking, “Articulating Design Thinking” / Libri Publishers, Oxon, 2012, isbn: 978 1 907471 51 3

The chapter describes different answers for the “making aging more attractive” brief that can be achieved by a design team when applying Design Thinking practices. After a short explanation of the resultant 4 concepts that will give the reader an understanding of the final outcome, and a description of how did we initially faced the brief, we proceed to expose our process describing and analyzing these concepts according to 4 different dimensions.

First, the role of design, exposing how did we achieve provocative, proactive or visionary results. Second, the rationale, were we show the reader how we were trying to go beyond expectations with our design process, how it was the answer to an specific interview or how it was a confrontation of our fieldwork. Third, we expose 3 different approximations to the user as a system: the particular scale, as our answer to an specific user, the relational scale, as our answer to identified interaction issues between two or more users, and the societal scale, as our holistic approach to the problem. And last, we describe the outcome of each of the 4 concepts, the goals of our concepts answering to an identified issue, corresponding to increasing awareness, establishing a different social order, creating user self-awareness or materializing memories in a tangible sharing system.